If You Want To Be Healthy:                                                 First: in this website are some mistakes in grammer and composition because the English is my second language. If you want to do some correction - welcome, even in Russian (I'm kidding).

   I live with purpose, with goal of to achieve something beneficial to this society and other nations: possible prevent many medical problems for most people, including cancers, through my unique fitness program: I'm teaching how to make microcurrent, produce microelectricity in body which could kill the cancer cell. It is very possible prevent mastectomy for most women with Breast Cancer in the early stage. I also run for US Senator for to help this country, to fight for justice, to stop bribery and corruption of the media and politicians, and have two ideas of inventions for international industrial and consumer / health use. My life is not boring, but busy, interested and beneficial: I live and stand up for what is right and need.                                          Health: Nothing is more important than being healthy. Without good health - nothing is good. I'm, but not doctors, in charge of my health, and so positive that with application of my fitness program I will have no Prostate Cancer. How many men in my age or younger could swim using butterfly strokes, pull-up 5 times, push-up 50 times in 1-min, use a jump rope and etc? I know what I'm doing: I'm teaching how to make microcurrent, produce microelectricity in body which could kill the cancer cells, and it is very possible prevent Mastectomy for women who have Breast Cancer in the early stage, and it is very possible prevent Breast Cancer for women at high risk of cancer, especially Jewish women. Women may contact me: getfit@getenergized.com and I will do my best to help. ..... //////// ...... My good health, good shape, a few wrinkles on face and firm, but not crepey skin of my body and a lot of energy is a Resume of my unique workout. I'm even thinking about to find a proper lady (I'm widower), to marry and maybe to make a child. My good health is my access, my wealth, my investment started from military many years ago. ....... ///////////// ....... Politic: I'm honest, incorruptible and have a plan to help nations - feeling is great, but it is not easy to fight this so rotten and corrupted election, political and judicial systems / tyranny and political prostitutes, created by the media junta / mafia - a cancer of our society. My life is interested and beneficial to society.

  . ............. The Best Market in Life is NOT Money or Gold, but Health. And the Best Grooming for a Man is a Muscular Body and Brain, but not how tall and handsome he is, and for a Lady - also Brain, but not her hair, not chemical make up and not showing up her naked body, and good health with firm skin will come with application and use of my fitness program. But it will not come itself, Just Go For It! Just Do It! Be Healthy and Young, Get Fit and Get Energized!                                                                                                             Many people in many countries, who are not in charge of own health, started learn second  language: medicine - the names of illnesses, diseases and names of grugs.                            The richest places on the Earth are graveyards: so many people are making money, but do not pay attention to own health, and are .... dying, dying rich, with money. Take a look at face of Mr. Bill Gates - he is very rich, but his face is very flabby and his skin is crepey - it is indication that he has big medical problem .................////////. Presidential Election 2016. Candidate H. Clinton and D. Trump. Theirs doctors are saying that both of them are in very good health. Really? Take a look at theirs faces. Both of them are overweight and are in not good health. Dr. H. Bornstein said that the D. Trump's PSA test on Prostate Cancer is 0.15 ng. Really? I'm in very good health, my body is muscular and in good shape. I swim using butterfly strokes, push-up 50 times in 1-min, pull-up 5 times, use a jump rope, and my PSA test is 1.2 ng (very good). How many times Mr. D. Trump could pull-up? One time? With his shape - I don't think so. And he is younger than me.

  The cost of treatment of Breast Cancer only in the USA in 2010 cost about $125 Billions. New drug cost $100,000 a year. Chemotherapy cost $18,000. The cost of my book or video for possible prevention of many medical problems, including Breast Cancer , will be only $20 for low income (less than $30K) and $40 for others . So, think!

Take a stand against aging, illnesses, diseases, medicine, supplements and vitamins. Use my unique method of fitness first and doctors second and you will save big.

  Problem: national and international - so many people have so many medical problems and are dying premature. Why the people and nation are worry about high cost of the health care, but I don't? Why I do not spend money on doctors, medicine supplements and vitamins, but other do? The answer is very simple: because the people do not do what I'm doing. I not only don't want to have medical problems, I don't want to give my body in hands of doctors or they could make me sick.  I'm creating a wealth for myself and many millions: good health. 

 Some are saying: "You are lucky". Oh, NO! This luck didn't come itself. Every day I'm  going and working for this "luck": every day I use developed by me this fitness program - every day I resist to be sick, old and have wrinkles. I don't want to croll when I will be 100 and will have a lot of energy. So should and you.       

 Other problem: aging. Aging is a decay, a person's choice, who is not in charge of own health.                                                                                                                              The solution to solve the health care problem is: Just Think, think about many years ahead. Unsure your-self: use my Program And Grow Healthy, or ...... could be too late, do not gamble with health, prevent be abused in the nursing homes - be in charge of your health now for meny years ahead, do not be a statistic.

   And it is a huge profit be healthy: I saved big money on the health care. Foundation for my good health is: I invested not in NYSE, but in myself, in my health first, many years ago, and it paid off, result: I have no medical problems and do not spend money on doctors, medicine, supplement and vitamins. It is a result of many years life experience, knowledge and development my unique fitness program.

  Perfect health depends on perfect blood circulation, and I'm teaching how to do it. Just do it and you will be healthy as me, and your skin will be firm without spending money on doctors, medicine, vitamins, oils, creams and lotions, which posion your blood.          And it is true: research suggests that a daily multi vitamins is a waste of money for most people, and even may hurt your health.                  

  Also, about teeth: no one tought me how to take care teeth and keep them healthy. I learned it and now teach you how to keep your teeth healthy for many years ahead.

 Do you like your naked body? If yes, as I do - very good: maintain it. If no - I could help. I'm thinking, doing it and planning to keep my good skin and shape for 50 years ahead.

My Philosophy is very simple: solve the problem - so many people have so many medical problems that could be treated and every day so many people are getting many medical problems which could be prevented for most people if they will use my unique method of fitness, a "personal" medicine. And, ..... so many people, specially women, instead of to take care own skin by use my method of fitness, are spending very big money on a beauty products: creams, lotions, and etc as cream "Crepe Erase", named "untiaging cream", promoted by Jane Seymour....  and, ...... later have so many deep wrinkles, sagging skin, turkey wings on neck, arms and many medical problems too. It is a scam, lie for to sell. Using crèmes people are blocking needed oxygen for body.     My program program is a home workout and starts from bed when person woke up.      

  Many people for cosmetic purpose, reduce wrinkles are using Botox by injection and etc. But,  the FDA ordered strong warning on this toxic product: health risks and even death.                           

    Sometimes it is so boring and have no time to go to the gym and change clothing for workout, also spend extra time on driving, cost of fuel and hygiene. So, there is no need for to go to gym if use my workout. This fitness program is so easy and enjoyable, a home remedy to fight and prevent illnesses, diseases and slow down the aging process and do it at any time when you have a free short time, even during driving, without changing clothing. No time? Well, if you will get sick - you will have a lot of time for to visit doctors and spend a lot of money on it.

  Huge spending on the health care is because there is a demand: so many people have so many medical problems. So, it is a common sense: concentrate on prevention of medical problems - use my method of fitness as me and it will drastically help you be in better health and reduce a need for doctors and medicine.                                                                                                                              Any fitness is good. On the market now are so many programs, clubs, books, videos on health, fitness and nutrition as LA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, Sit and Be Fit, Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Zumba, Bally Total Fitness, Curves, MayoClinic, BeachBody, TurboFite and etc, fitness "experts" as Jack LaLanne (too bad - he died), Jane Fonda, Kathy Smith, Richard Simmons, Suzanne Somers. Jillian Michaels, Jorge Cruise, Billy Blanks, Tony Horton, Bob Greene and many, many more. Many of these programs are so boring, nothing new, but my program is innovative, different - no one teach what I'm teaching: I'm teaching how to make microcurrent, produce microelectricity in body which could kill the cancer cells, prevent many illnesses, diseases and slow down the aging process. If people would use my fitness regimen - there would be no a need often screening for cancers, do mammograms, . I do NOT worry that I will get Prostate Cancer, I will NOT get it, I'm working for it using my fitness program.

  Also Medicare wasted many billions dollars, unlimited spending on false claims. Where is the responsibilty of US Senator Wyden, as a Member of Budget and Finance Committees? He does not care - it is not his money. US Senator Merkley, my opponent in 2008 Election - also does not care: wasted not his money.

 New US House (Democrats' Plan) Health Care Bill, The Obama Plan, is so bad: it says nothing about the source of the high cost of the health care - high premiums and rates by insurance companies and high cost of drugs. And it is not surprise: drugmakers as PhRMA and others spent $110 million lobbying Congress. And the this Plan will benefits the insurance and drug companies and monetary hurt young healthy people: why young and other healthy people, who participate in fitness activities must pay same premium who don't? It is a dictatorship, abuse of power and a "Street Robbery" by Democrats and Obama. It also will hurt businesses, will take from Medicare many billions dollars, increase taxes: create more layoffs and damage our  economy.                                                                                 

  Nation needs health care reform, stop discrimination against own people, all 47 million uninsured American citizens, but not only 31 millions as Obama said, must have health insurance right now, but not in 2013. I have much better plan: cut huge salaries of CEO of many Wall Street, banks and insurance companies employees who have salaries many millions dollars, also Regency BlueCross BlueShild John B. McMullan Jr and many, many others from $765,000 and many ohters who get salaries of hundred thousands a year to no more than $90K. And who paid them so easy money? The government, Medicare / the public, we, taxpayers. 

  Also: In 2008 drug makers made more than $40 billion profit. And again: who paid them? The government, Medicare, taxpayers. Reduce spending on drug companies will create many billions dollars for uninsured. Just do it!    

 Also: huge $17 Trillion national deficit creates $985 Billion interest payment for it each year, which nation could invest in the health care. So, it is a common sense, which an idiots in US government, include Senators Wyden and Merkley,  can't get: balance budget. And it is an obligation of US Senate to balance budget.                                           

Creating deficit is a terror against our country inside the USA, by own elected officials.                                            As elected US Senator I promise to balance budget in a few months, without cutting services.

  About Breast Cancer: self- examinations and mammograms are NOT preventions, but detections, NOT accurate, do radiation to body and are so expensive. And women and doctors do NOT know what to do for prevention of cancers. And every years there are so many new cases of cancers and many other medical problems, which could be preventable if women would just use my fitness program.

 One crying woman called me: "I have breast cancer. I don't want to die". It is a very, very sad story. She didn't know about me before that I stand up to cancer. Again: no one else but me is teaching how to make microelectricity in the body, which may kill the cancer cells.

This nation, the USA, has many problems: this political, judicial and election systems are so rotten/ The media mafia hijacked this country and for own huge monetary benefits promotes bribery, corruptuion and political prostitution. The media junta made the money, but not brains, a dominated factor in elections and an idiots, some of them as Wyden, J. Merkley and many others are not convicted yet criminals, get elected and reelected, 
--And the health care: 47 million Americans have no health insurance. Why? It is a discrimination against own people. It is a slavery for benefits of government, insurance and drug companies. It must be changed. How? Wait till I will be elected as US Senator in 2014.

-Forty years ago one university professor said to me that I'm special. I didn't know why. Now I see: many nations need my help in the health care and in politic / peace.

--How many people as me, middle age, can swim using butterfly strokes? Why I have no big medical problems, in very good health, do not use medicine, supplements and vitamins, and have a lot of energy: do 50 push ups in 1 min, do 8 pull ups, lift on neck 80 lbs, use a jump rope and etc? And the value of my PSA test on Prostate Cancer is 1.2 ng (very good). My body is muscular (some said that I have a body of 30-year old man) and my skin is firm without using any creams. Because it is a result of an application of developed by me unique method of fitness program "Get Energized!".

--"Get Energized!", or Get Fit Or Get A Doctor, is a unique method of physical and mental fitness

 I'm growing older with resistance be old and sick. And it is working: I have no medical problems and have a lot of energy.                           
     From article about me:
-- "Dear Mr Goberman, what you are doing is very Un-American. You want to make people healthy: many hospitals and drug companies would close, the people and businesses would save many billions of dollars that now spent on health care and etc." - it is a reply on article about me. Great minds have purposes. I'm here for purpose. I'm sick and tired from so many programs on health, fitness, self-help and nutrition on the market: same, boring, nothing new.

--I'm the BEST in appoach to fitness and benefits to the People. I'm doing an innovation, the scientific approach to health and fitness. No one else, not one institution but me is teaching how to make microcurrent, produce microelectricity in the body which may kill the cancer cells, prevent many illnesses, diseases, wrinkles, lose weight, burn up fat and slow down the aging process and I gave myself PhD in physical education. The secret how to do it is in my book and video.

 This unique method of fitness is much beneficial and useful than Laser treatment, injections, Liposuction and acupunture. Use it any time in privacy of own home, during work and driving. And cost a few dollars only.

-- Drug companies bought politicians and these political prostitutes are paying back to donors: refusing to buy drug from other countries and gave a green light to drug companies to increase cost of drugs. And the taxpayers are paying for it.
It is a real face of the US corrupted government.

  Now the drug makers, for huge monetary benefits, bought the media, and the media created a huge advertisement that people need a Seasonal Flu shot. Cost about $25.00 if have no health insurance, and cost $30.00 if you have a Medicare / Medicaid. Why more? Simple: the government has money and they could milk more from government.

   The Doctors Television show www.thedoctorstv.com is a good, educational program, but the goal of this show is to make money, so, these doctors are promoting injections, use creams, surgeries, supplements and vitamins and etc what creates money flow into the doctors, drug makes and TV stations pockets. Ignore them. And, the scientists said that Vitamin D linked to Parkinson's Disease risk.                                                                                                Also Dr. Oz television show. This show sometimes is good, but the goal of this crook is to sell: to make money for television show and for himself, for drug companies and who make supplements and vitamins. Dr Oz for big money from businesses, said that to diminish wrinkles promotes and recomments to use "anti-aging" products, as creams, injections and etc. What a lie! Creams are poisoning your blood and do a demage to body and cost too  much.                                                        

 These and other doctors and drug companies invented, as they named, diseases: Stress and Depression. What a balloney! Why they did it? For to separate you from money: they are pushing people to spend money on doctors and drugs.. Do NOT do it. Relax and do fitness activities.

  It is possible treatment and prevention of Gout.

   These Flue shots and other medications have big problems for the people health. Many people died from it and many have side effects. Every year there are 1.1 million heart attacks in the USA 597,689 died, 795,000 strokes and 129,476 died, and 876,000 miscarriages (2,400 every day); 574,743 people died from cancer. In the USA in 2015 40,290 women died from Breast Cancer, and 200,000 Americans have their first seizure. For last 35 years I do not use a Flue shot and do not use medicine and have no any medical problem. My fitness program is the best prevention: build up a strong immune system.

 Also the drug companies and the media, again, for own huge profit, created a scare taktic and promote H1N1 vaccine shots against Swine Flu. That is very dangerous for some people health and is very risky. From Swine Flue a few people could die, but from this vaccine many thousands people could die. All of this because of greedness of the drug companies and the media.

- New trick of drug companies again, promoted by the corrupted media: Cancer vaccine and AICAR, fat-burning drug, an exercise pill as potential "workout" for "couch-potato" people. Really? What a scam!. It for sure cost too much and what is side effect? With help of government drug companies and the media are promoting, encouraging children to participate in sexual activities, but not virginity. The media does not talk about my political agenda and my unique fitness program because I do not pay the media.

--I have a lot of energy and my skin is firm. I discipline my body by beating it by stick and made my body my slave. I'm in charge of my body. So, it is possible prevent Prostate, Breast Cancers and many others illnesses, diseases and slow down the aging process through this unique fitness program.

--Prevention, Not Cure Is The Key! Our nation is driven by corrupted politicians and most of them do NOT care about people but themselves and theirs donors, therefore this country is NOT concentrated on prevention of medical problems, but on detection and treatment, that creates a huge profits for drug and vitamin manufacturing companies, medical organizations and the media (for ads, which I ignore). Promotion of new drugs as Herceptin, Tykerb, Avastin and Gleevec will NOT prevent cancers. Self examination, Mammography and MRI tests are NOT preventions, but detections, and NOT accurate, produce up to 25% false positives and cost too much, up to $2,000. So, what left for possible prevention, reduce risk of growth of the tumor, cancers? Produce microelectricity in the body, which may kill the cancer cells - use my method of fitness. I do NOT worry about prostate cancer. I'm so sure I will NOT get it: I do not rely on doctors, I'm in control of my health.                                                                                                         

 Many women are at high risk of cancers, and with age the risk is higher, and many women, and men too,  for prevention of cancers use organic products, participate in fitness activities as walking and etc., and ....... many of them get cancers. So, it is what I all time talk and teach about: all these activities are good, but NOT enough - we must make, produce microelectricity in body, which may kill the cancer cells. As me: my PSA on Prostate Cancer is 0.6 ng.
--So many people rely on health insurance, which is raised, and deductible for workers is going up, and also out-of-pocket expenses increased, up to $1,000. So, it a common sense: participate in fitness activities, use my method of fitness - it will save you big money on the health care, and make your body and skin beautiful.

 If you or you know other lady diagnozed with Breast Cancer - right away contact me, and I will do my best in possible prevention mastectomy through my workout, and will do it on donation or for free of charge - woman's health is more important than money.

--"Ooh, boody", said some women and men passed by. Good health didn't come by itself - I not only don't want to be sick and old - I'm going for it: I'm making myself and others healthy!

--I have 2 years technical university in Leningrad / St. Petersburg and BA+ degree from 5 years at the university in Moskow, Russia, where I studied anatomy, physiology, microbiology, electronic and etc. Attended a few universities in the USA. Now I'm a Health / Fitness Provider, Consultant / Advisor for all governments, private companies and individuals. The Federal Central Contract Registration (CCR) DUNS # 03-023-5951. I'm an Author and Publisher of my book: "Get Energized!", ISBN # 0-9719785-1-4. I'm also a Private / Personal and Corporate Fitness Trainer / Coach and Financial Advisor / Consultant.

--It cost too much to be sick and old. But not for me. I'm in very good health, full of energy, do not spend money on doctors, medicine, supplements and vitamins. I even don't want or need to get a flu shot: I built a strong immune system which may help me from to get a cold, viruses, infections and if the epidemic will occur.

--Our nation and the people have the real problem: health care. The businesses of the health care, drug companies (some people are spending $7,200 a month on drugs, which could make people sick and die), assisted living (cost up to $6,000 a month), stay in nursing home cost up to $10,000 a month, or $120,000 a year, mortuaries are booming: a $5,000.00 for a night hospital bed, charge for treating a heart attack is more than $20,000.00, home health care cost $150,000 a year and etc. Oh, no! it is NOT for me! No! It will NOT happen with me, I'm working on it now for to prevent it: it is a huge profit be healthy!

--Medical organizations and drug companies are not interested in using my fitness program: if all people will be healthy as I - they would be out of business. In the USA every year are 725,000 deaths from heart problems; In the USA are 1.5 million new cases of cancers each year, 569,000 deaths from cancer, including 42,000 deaths from breast cancer. It cost $206 billion a year to treat cancers. This fitness program may help in Breast and Prostate Cancers prevention. There is nothing for prevention of cancers. Every year we have 192,000 new cases of Breast Cancer, In the USA 300,000 men are diagnosed with Prostate Cancer each year, 40,000 men dying of the disease each year. Between 230,000-284,000 deaths annually from medical mistakes, including 120,000 deaths due to doctors mistakes according to statistics from JAMA. 44,000 Americams died a year in hospitals because of medical errors, and even amputated a wrong leg. About 100,000 deaths a year from infections. About 100,000 deaths a year from drowsy and asleep at the wheels, which could be prevented through this fitness program. Prescription drugs kill many people.

--So, it is a common sence: be fit helps be healthy. Stroke kills 167,000 people a year, 200,000 American are dying a year from Diabetes, 50 million people have high blood pressure. More than 60 percent Americans are overweight or obese, 18,000 Americans are dying every year because they have no health insurance. Many people are dying from smoking and are blaming the tobacco manufacturing companies as Kraft Foods, Philip Morris ( Althia Group ), Brown & Williamson, Liggett Group, R.J. Reynolds and etc for this. Why? They did NOT put tobacco in the people's mouth. People must have will power. So, to avoid doctors, try be healthy through fitness! Use this fitness regimen first and doctors second. Sleep disorders? Insomnia or other medical problems? There is no Rx, drugs as Lunesta or Ambien required: use my method of fitness to help you get to sleep fast. It is possible be healthy if you use my fitness regimen. It will save you a lot of money and maybe a life.

--Americans are spending many billions dollars on drugs, creams, supplements and vitamins as A, C, D and etc for to prevent wrinkles and medical problems as Diabetes, Cancers, Arthritis and etc. And I knew and predicted that it will not help, but waste of money and bad for health. Many people for protection of skin are using sun screen creams. Doing it they are spending a lot of money on it and pushing chemicals in skin and blood, that leads to skin cancer, creates more wrinkles and aging. And as we see now - I was and I'm right - many are getting cancers and other medical problems. Only application of my unique method of fitness may help many people to be young, as me.

--The medical and drug companies are paying big money to the Oprah Talk Show, and she with help of Dr. Oz are promoting vitamins as A, D, C and etc, minerals, supplements and lotions, creams for so named "anty aging" products. But vitamins, creams and etc: many of them made from chemicals, pushed in blood, that is a danger for health. Therefore in the USA are so many children born with bith defects and many medical problems. I do not use them and have no medical problems and my scin is firm. 
--And it is a shame on Dr. Oz for cooperation with Oprah in this fraud. Doctors knows about danger of chemical for human body.

--I see now how Oprah made $1 billion dirty profit: by not honest way, by hurting people. But the people trusted this con woman.

--About 115 million adults are overweight and 46 million Americans are obese. Many obese people have many medical problems and obesity related death occur at the horrendous rate of about 400,000 a year. "Eating Disorders"? Baloney! Pigs have eating disorders. Do not live for to eat, but eat to live. Must develop will power and I can help. It cost our "fat" nation $117 billion per year in medical expenses and lost productivity in 2000, and Oregon $781 Million. I can help overweight and obese people. This method of fitness helps in weight loss and is very good on the road: air and car travel. US government pays 75% of Medicare cost: budget is $339 billion per year. Medicare only will cost taxpayers $720 billion over the next decade. I do not spend money on medicine.

--Everyone is making own destiny and is getting from life what she / he is going for. Most people are making money, but do not think ahead about future, do not participate in fitness activities, relying on doctors and medicine, paying many thousand dollars on drugs,...and are getting sick or dying prematurely.... with money. But not me. I do 55 push ups in 1 min, 6-7 pull ups, bend up 135 degree 20 times, lift on neck 90 lbs, use a jump rope, bit myself by a wooden stick, use a butterfly strokes when swim and etc. My blood pressure is 70 over 120. My skin is not sagging and flabby, but firm. I have a few wrinkles on face because I started using my fitness program too late, in my 50ty, therefore I recommend people to start use this method of fitness as soon as possible.

-- Walking and diet are good, but they are NOT enough to prevent cancers, heart and many other medical problems, but this method of fitness may. Because of this I wrote my book "Get Energized!": to inform, to educate and teach people how to be fit and healthy and possibly prevent many illnesses, diseases (cut the risk of cancers), slow down the aging process: enjoy the benefits of a fit and healthy body and cut spending on doctors, drugs and vitamins.

--The drug companies are paying the media for to say that body needs calsium, and the media says it and puts on sceen a bottles of calsium drug, but not milk.

--So, it is a big advantage and profit be fit and healthy. I 99% positive that will have no Prostate Cancer. We must build up immune system which will help in prevention of to be sick and old.

--It is good and healthy if body has a little fat, but I do NOT recommend to drink too much coffee. It is expensive ( Starbucks ) and could plaque pores.

--The media promotes (who pays for it): sex, wine and medicine. Result: so many sexually transmited diseases, many babies-girls are giving birth a premature, small, low weight babies, many of them have a birth defects, have physical and mental disabilities and the taxpayers are paying for it. Many babies died. And .... doctors with PhD degree do not know why. There is no need too much brain to know why it happens. The answer is very simple: premature sex, sexually trasmited diseases, use drugs, use "beauty" products as creams, oils, push chemicals in blood, use alcohol, smoking and etc. And the government is responsible for it because failed to educate children and adults.

--The media promotes Hannah Montana, but not education.

--More than 97 percents of senior citizens are using doctors, medicine, supplements. This fitness regimen helps seniors citizens be in good health and keep driver licenses longer. The best contraceptive for very old and obese people is a nudity. I made my body muscular and skin firm, and don't want my body in 30 years be contraceptive, therefore I'm thinking ahead and working in it now.

--Old Age is a disease. It is very possible be very healthy at all age.

--On the market now there are so many fitness and nutrition programs, but if so many people are dying, so many people have so many medical problems, and if the Suzanne Somers - a fitness and nutrition "guru" has breast cancer, it means that her fitness and nutrition programs lack something, do not prevent breast cancer and I filled this gap by developing my unique method of physical and mental fitness program "Get Energized!", which may prevent breast cancer for most women.

--Suzanne Somers, she looks like did a face lift, but she has a lot of dip wrinkles on her neck. I'm older than she and my body is muscular and skin is firm. And I do not use any creams, no lotions, no vitamins and no supplements. Suzanne's fitness programs are nothing new, but I'm teaching how to make microcurrent in body, and I have no Prostate Cancer. My PSA on Prostate Cancer is 0.6 ng., but it is too bad that Suzanne had breast cancer.                

   Yoga Instructor Peggy Cappy: take a look at her neck - her skin is sagging and flabby because she does not use my method of fitness. My skin is firm.

--In order of to lose weight, to burn-up the fat in the body, for possible prevention of wrinkles, headache, back pain, sleeping disorders, cut the risk of Diabetes, Alzheimer's, Parkinson Disease, Arthritis and many others illnesses, diseases (including cancers) for most people, prevention of toothache and hair loss, supply more needed oxygen to the body and brain, help our heart to circulate blood, prevent injury, prevent to have a sagging / flabby skin and to slow down the aging process, we must warm up body, make microcurrent, produce microelectricity in the body which may kill the cancer cells. The secret how to do it properly, without hurting yourself, is in book and video, which is not on Amazon or E-Bay.
Copyright Get Energized! All Rights Reserved. No reproduction or copying without authorization. 

 This Fitness Program Is The Best Medicine!

Unique Physical and Mental fitness programs: Relaxation, self-help by making microcurrent in the body, exercises
(Start from the comfort of your own bed)

Pavel Goberman - Developer - Founder - Author - Publisher - Instructor - Consultant - Fitness Guru - Producer - Life Coach.

Pavel Goberman
Pavel Goberman

Breast cancer: government, people / women, organizations are giving a huge amount of money and Grants for many years ( $95 billion a year ) to the American Cancer Association, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, the Lance Armstrong Foundation, the Sharsheret - 1-866-474-2774 , the Oregon Health Science University ( OHSU ), National Institute of Health ( NIH ), Kaiser, Providence, Cancer Care Resources, National Cancer Institute ( NCI ) and others so named "cancer research" organizations. Giving year after year, many years. And .....where is a result? No any progress in to "find" prevention or cure cancers? None! And many women have mastectomies and many women and men are dying from breast and from Prostate Cancers. And all of these "research" organizations are refusing to help me do scientific research. Why? They are afraid me that I have a program which may prevent cancers for many people. Do they really want to find a method of prevention or cure of cancers? What they would do if people were healthy as me? Run out of income. Where the money goes? What a crooks, con people. 

--Susan Komen G. Breast Cancer Foundation gave a huge ammount of money to the media, to Waggener Zorkin and Pam Edstrom Public Relation (PR) business for promotion of the Race For the Cure. And ..... women contitue to give money and continue to have mastectomies and die. Where the money goes? What a ripoff. The Race for the Cure is a Race fot the Money for Susan G. Komen Foundation.

--American Cancer Society (ACS) consumes many millions dollars, year after year, many years and no any progress in prevention or cure cancers. And this organization refused to help me to do the scientific research because I could find method of prevention.

- Drug Herceptin leads to heart failure.

--Larce Armstrong is a Chairman of this Foundation, www.livestrong.org is inviting people to "fight" cancer, but in reality someone is using his name, made a website for him for purpuse of to make money: sell products on this web, accept donations and grants.

Me In The Red Tank Army


What do you do to prevent these medical problems?
Prevention! Prevention! Prevention!
Prevention! Not Cure, Is The Key!

The goal of this fitness program is to help people in the prevention of many premature illnesses and diseases, to save money and to slow down the aging process.


--1) 10-min workout for possible prevention of many illnesses, diseases, including breast cancers and slow down the aging process,
--2) Women, recently diagnosed with breast cancer? Right away sing up for 20-min workout and support group for women with breast cancer in the early stage. Every day is so important. It is possible prevention of mastectomy in a few months for some women. On donations, and if some have no money - free of charge.
--3) 30-min workout for men and women to lose weight.

 Rest Your Body And You Will Rust It! - Think ahead, Think 30 years ahead. - Don't wait until you become a patient in a nursing home. Control your health now or even the doctors will not be able to control it later.

Every year Americans spend $246 Billions on drugs, supplements and vitamins which could have health risks, side effects and make you sick or die. But Pat Robertson, Chair of the 700 Club and TBN TV show all times is promoting vitamins and supplements. There is no need to use supplements and vitamins. I do NOT use them and have no medical problems.

This fitness program is very good during driving, on vacation as a Travel Gym.
Just use my method of fitness as an alternative to drugs, supplemnts, vitamins and cosmetics like I do. I do not waste money on chemical and do not put poisons in my body and... in excellent health. Use Fitness First, And Doctors Second.

Using my fitness program "Get Energized!"- it will help prevent you from becoming a walking disease, it is a fountain of youth and a Pasport to good health by proper application of my method of fitness which prevent skin be sagging / crepe and slow down the aging process.

The Baby Boomers are packing the parking lots of hospitals and medical centers. Every year health care is more expensive.

 We admire the Chinese's alternative medicines: Yoga, Tai-Chi, Acupunture. Why?
Try my fitness program, it has no side effects and is more beneficial to your health and developed here, in the USA!


Perfect Health Depends On Perfect Blood Circulation

--I challenge any other fitness, nutrition program and any fitness club, as 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness, Tae Bo 2004, etc. The approach to fitness is different and much beneficial to the people! And do it without using vitamins, supplements. Separate the Fact and Fiction: I'm 78 and doing 50 push-ups in 1 min, do 6 pull-ups and swim using butterfly strokes. How many times can Dr Phil (Dr. McGraw, Dr. Andrew Weil, Bob Greene - The Best Life Diet, with nothing best, and etc) pull up? Once? I don't think so. So, separate me, an Iron Man, from the Talking Machine. Be healthy America. Be somebody! Get Fit! Get Energized! Prevent aging and diseases. Get Fit or Get a Doctor. Let's empty the parking lots of the hospitals and medical centers! And if you could find a better program - good luck!

--Jane Fonda - so named fitness "guru", the View TV stars Meredith Vieira, Barbara Walters and Joy Behar without make-ups have a lot of wrinkles, deep wrinkles. But I don't: my skin is firm. The best way is NOT cover-up wrinkles, but prevent them through this program.

 --Drug manufacturing companies as Bayer Pharmaceutical, Meyer & Co., Pfizer Inc., Merck, Eli Lilly and Co., Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers, Proctor & Gamble Pharmac. and etc. are promoting drugs as Vioxx, Celebrex, Plavix, Lunesta, Ambien, Boniva, Symbalta, Polypill, Dove company and many others as Tamoxifen and Raloxifene, saying that they prevent invasive breast cancer, but they are creating cancers, and the media and drug companies are promoting Aspirin, Advil, Tylenol, Aleve, Herceptin, Avastin, Motrin and many more vitamins, supplements and skin care products as oils, creams, lotions, moisturisers and etc.

What is the result? The media gets big money from drug companies for promotion of these chemicals. People, trusting the media, started spending much more money on these chemicals and pushing them in the body, skin, in their own blood. Result? It may lead to many medical problems as Liz Taylor has. Lead to cancers, to side effects and even death. How about the faith of the media? The media has no moral nor legal responsibilities: the media "reported" what drug companies tell them to say. Using oils, creams and other chemicals is hiding, covering-up wrinkles, will not prevent wrinkles, but cover them up and will lead to a sagging skin, separate skin from the bones, poison blood and death. I do not blame these drug companies and the media: I do NOT use these poisons, so named anti-aging products and have no medical problem. Use my this fitness regimen to be fit, healthy and making skin healthy and firm without using make-up. And start to use this program as soon as possible: every day is important. Do not wait till your skin will start separate from bones. 
--The beauty is not what you put on your face, but healthy body.

--Want be healthy? Ignore misleading advertisements by drug companies and so named research organizations as Summit Research Network / SummitPortland.com which with support of the media are saying that you have a stress, depression, anxiety and you don't know about it and without drug you will not be better. What a balloney, brainwashing, pushing people to use doctors and drugs. They want your money.

 -Many women (and men too) during makeups are using cosmetics and personal care, beauty products of Mary Kay Ash and etc as oils, creams, lotions, ointments and etc, including Victoria's Secrets, Avon and etc to "prevent" and cover-up wrinkles, and many years later have many wrinkles and many medical problems as cancers. Why? Because they poisoned own blood and body by these chemicals / toxics that could cause of cancer, birth defects, serious health problems and deep wrinkles. Use this unique fitness program which could help you prevent wrinkles and from a flabby and sagging skin and from chubby body, keep skin firm without using oils, creams, lotions and other skin care products and chemicals in your blood, which pluging the pores of your skin from needed oxygen.

 This program may help you to get a good night sleep without pills. This method of fitness may greatly help to treat Fertility, instead of Acupunture and drugs, which are very expensive and could be dangerous for health. This workout is not boring, but easy, enjoyable and fun. There is no need for a heavy and expensive equipment. This workout is for everyone, any age and any condition for use in the privacy of your own home, apartment, at work, on the road and IS A SOLUTION ON PREVENTION OF THE HEALTH PROBLEMS, IS A MAJOR NEW WEAPON IN THE BATTLE AGAINST HIGH COST OF HEALTH CARE. And it is better to start in young age. I deserve a Nobel Prize and going to earn it!

--And if some do not pay attention to me, ignored my help as Tony Snow, Colin L. Powell, Rudolph Giuliany, John Kerry, Pat Robertson from 700 Club and many others had prostate cancer - it is NOT my problem now: it is not smart, they are punished themselves, they ignored me and lost. It is a Natural Selection: I know some people who ignored my help as Tony Snow, Bob Dole, Jerry Orbach, Richard Woolworth, 65, from the Regence Group BlueCross/BlueShield and some from the media didn't reply on my offer to help and died. Too bad, but I have no and would not have medical problems. I don't fear of ill health, I don't fear of "old age": I want be healthy."old", I know what I'm doing.

--"The Best Defense Is Offense": I'm defending, protecting my body from viruses, illnesses and diseases not by doctors, medicine, supplements and vitamins, but by everyday "attacking" first my potential inside and outside enemies: viruses, illnesses and diseases through using my fitness program. I'm in control of my health - I'm making myself and others healthy, and enjoy it! And it is the best anti-aging remedy, the best enjoyable fitness medication.

--Without good health - money is nothing. Take care, help yourself, control your health: everyone, for own benefits, MUST use my method of fitness. It is a Connection, a Guide to good health! I'm a Motivational Speaker, a Life Coach and Fitness Guru.

We need doctors and medicine, but I'm challenging all multy billions dollars medical and drug industries in who is better and cheaper in approach to the health care and beneficial to the People and governments.

--Be Healthy! Get Fit! Get Energized! Or Get a Doctor and ....... Viagra or Cialis.

And: Now I'm Candidate (D) for US Senator in 2018 Election against useless, dysfunctional Ted Cruz who ignores to perform his job and obligations and violates our laws..........                  Voters : think before to vote. Stop political and the media prostitution, stop selling this country: vote not for a name or party, but for a person, who have a plan to help you and this nation.    

 Help your-self, state and nation to fight bribery, corruption and prostitutions of politicians and the media mafia,vote for me: I'm Honest, Incorruptible, with Faith, Integrity and High  Moral Principles. I'm not a prostitute: do not accept any "donation".             Also visit my page on www.facebook.com/PavelGoberman or /pavel.goberman.1 and www.twitter.com/candidate7                                                                                             

     The name of of my new edition of my book will be: "Think, Get Fit and Energized! And Grow Healthy!" and other one: "Children of WW2".......I'm looking for a large book publisher / Agent / Publicist / Social Media Marketing / Ghost Writer and ready to help the world!..                                               

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